For property management software

Enterprise advantage

Focus•Professional•Innovation,To win now,And in the future

  • Focus on the property industry for decades,Product module function is perfect,Strong compatibility、The operation is convenient、Zero cost,Its management mode、Operating mode、Business model through verification。
    Product advantage
  • Software platform using one-to-one instruction,Value-added service to carry out the real-time follow up,Operating personnel training systematically、Modular,7×24Customer service online unriddling for an hour。
    Service guarantee
  • The core technology backbone、Managers are the company's co-founder,Team running in long time,High stability,Strong professional,Creative and passion。
    The team stable
  • Multiple data encryption、Super administrator authorization mechanism、Safe protection and data backup mechanism、Platform for roomIDTo protect the owner's privacy,Has a very high stability and security。
    Data security

Service project

Of the property transformation•Let property company make more money•More valuable

  • The property service system

    The property service system

    Property management integration platform、Intelligent management system hardware、Intellectual property management system、The community consumption system、Personnel management system、The owner information management system。

  • Community business platform

    Community business platform

    Provide business product sales platform、Designed based on geographic location、The community characteristics、User analysis precision marketing activities。

  • The owner service system

    The owner service system

    Announcements、Repair service complaints、Pay the billing、The flea market、Go over the weekend、The yellow pages of life、Community service、Housing rental。

Win-win cooperation

City operating partner recruitment in the country

City partners to recruit

Gold medal in the team

Mentors•On-the-spot guidance•All the way along

  • Yang Leyu

    Mr Yang Leyu

    Gold housekeeper chief adviser

    Long engaged in real estate industry practice and research,Lecturer, cadre of former ministry of construction management、Cosco real estate executives、 With rich experience in real estate development and operation and theoretical research level。2008Founded at the end of it all,Committed to To promote the innovation practice of real estate industry。2015All founded in the incubator,Create a platform+A think-tank+Synthesis of capital Service mode,Host multiple platform based on the industry of industrial innovation investment project,Match strategic resource for the project、The talented person、 Capital,To support the rapid development of the innovation project。

  • Gu Ruiming

    Mr Gu Ruiming

    Property management experts

    The first property services(Beijing)Co., LTD., vice chairman of the board of directors。First the moma hotel management(Beijing)Co., LTD. Executive director、 The general manager,First the moma asset management(Beijing)Co., LTD., vice general manager,Standardization committee of China property management association Member will be members,More than five years of real estate development enterprise project management experience,More than 10 years of property management enterprise service experience;For Real estate project planning and design、Market positioning、To improve and optimize project of form a complete set,The property management enterprise organization structure reengineering、 Construction process and the standardization system、The top design and rapid ascension site property management pattern of service quality, etc With rich experience in actual combat。

  • The co

    Mr Co

    Gold housekeeper community operations specialist

    A former life(Beijing)Intelligent community investment development company chairman。All the union property management committee director。Social wisdom The district operating service advocate,Using the Internet and technology,A traditional community property company upgraded to a happy life wisdom, The intelligence community and innovation service mode,Realize the property+The Internet+Value-added services”The mode innovation。

  • Guang-bin zhao

    Mr Guang-bin zhao

    Gold housekeeper financing and strategic experts

    At the same time as the constant DE international consulting company(Gateway InternationalGroup)Founding partner,For global finance Agencies and companies to provide China strategy and consulting services;Ma kai company domestic investment Banks(EJ Mckay)Consultant,For the Chinese And corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions from several countries to offer help;The European bank for reconstruction and development of the first China consultant,In the medium Countries to join the international multilateral Banks play an important role in the process of。

  • Qin Tao

    Mr Qin Tao

    Gold housekeeper legal experts

    Always fine letter a senior partner at law firm,Deputy director of the。The main practice areas for commercial investment in mergers and acquisitions、Corporate governance and risk control System of company legal affairs, etc,Administrative law and the government's legal affairs,The Internet and electronic commerce legal affairs,The patent、Business secret Secret protection and unfair competition and other intellectual property business,And major civil and commercial disputes、Administrative dispute arbitration、Legal business。

  • Yang Leyu
    Yang Leyu
  • Gu Ruiming
    Gu Ruiming
  • The co
    The co
  • Guang-bin zhao
    Guang-bin zhao
  • Qin Tao
    Qin Tao
  • Yang Huirong

    Ms Yang Huirong

    Gold housekeeper founder

    Xi 'an highlight network technology co., LTD., chairman of the board of directors。,20In serial entrepreneur,Cultivates the Internet industry for decades, Research“The Internet+Property”Three years of field,Mainly responsible for gold housekeeper development strategic planning、Investment and financing,The outside world Resources docking, etc。

  • Kong Qi

    Mr Kong Qi

    Gold housekeeper founder

    Xi 'an highlight network technology co., LTD. General manager。Mainly responsible for the overall development of gold housekeeper products、Operation and management,Strategic planning and business development。

  • Zhang

    Mr Zhang

    Gold housekeeper founder

    Technical director of xi 'an highlight network technology co., LTD。Mainly responsible for the overall product development and management、Product strategy planning。 Mr Zhang is engaged in the software development industry9Years,To join the company before,Shenzhen era of high-tech technology manager position, In2006Degree from xi 'an jiaotong university。

  • Jiang Hui

    Mr Jiang Hui

    Gold housekeeper co-founder

    The first Chinese American project managementPMPCertification。10Many years of experience in real estate investment。Responsible for all the business school、 Financial center resource integration platform for upgrading member enterprise joint development to promote the real estate field innovation。All the incubator coupon Founder、Multiple host investment innovation project and platform+A think-tank+Comprehensive service mode of capital development projects。

  • Guo Lin

    Mr Guo Lin

    Gold housekeeper co-founder

    There are more than16Years of experience in company, head of the first,Management too much state firms、The joint venture、A wholly foreign owned enterprise, Across the endowment real estate、Characteristic property、High-end property management、Management consulting、Tourism、The hotel, and other business Or professional field。Have a wealth of corporate governance、Strategic planning、Process management and reengineering、Marketing management、The market To expand、Group ascension、Executive education aspects of actual combat experience。Has more than professional ability of interface integration, Good ability of study、Ability to innovate、Coordination skills。The former:Shenzhen jindi property manager、Beijing contemporary set Group chairman assistant、Atkins facility management, senior advisor,Figure in the international property general manager, etc。

  • Yang Huirong
    Yang Huirong
  • Kong Qi
    Kong Qi
  • Zhang
  • Jiang Hui
    Jiang Hui
  • Guo Lin
    Guo Lin

Practice of the dream

They with gold housekeeper

  • Green and property
  • H in court
  • HaoBang property
  • Pride
  • Green garden property management
  • Riverside property
  • With the state property
  • Housing property
  • Agile property
  • H, property
  • The universal property
  • In the league
  • Beautiful sea city industrial city